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Help Waste To See Another Day. 


The Buy Recycled campaign is on a mission; to encourage all of us to consciously purchase items made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Get involved and help build a happier, healthier and brighter future for us all.

Buy Recycled is a collaborative, local government-funded campaign supported by major councils in the Barwon South West.

What is a Circular Economy?

It’s an economic system that aims to minimise both waste and the environmental impact of product and consumption by utilising recycled and sustainable resources. The Barwon South West councils are committed to implementing a circular economy within the Barwon South West region. 

To learn more about the Buy Recycled initiative, please click here


So, where do I start?

If you’re looking to make some more sustainable choices in your shopping, but you aren’t sure where to start, check out our interactive map, a map that highlights the businesses near you committed to making a difference. 
Start Your Journey

Social Hub

Be sure to check out our social media platforms and stay in touch with the campaign! 


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