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Primarily serving as an awareness campaign, the Buy Recycled campaign is all about encouraging everyone to consciously purchase items made from recycled and sustainable materials.

And here is a great place to start. 

Responsible for the management of recycling and waste throughout the region, Barwon South West councils are committed to encouraging sustainable recycling habits by establishing a circular economy, an economic system that aims to minimise waste as well as the environmental impact of product and consumption through the use of recycled and sustainable resources. 


To lead this change, the Buy Recycled campaign highlights the simple choices we can all make to help build a circular economy. 

You can start by choosing to purchase the readily available, day-to-day items near you that are made from recycled products, as well as discover the businesses stocking them using our interactive map. 

With research pointing to the leadership that local government authorities have in setting the precedent for a circular economy, several major local councils within the Barwon South West are participating in the delivery of this campaign: 

With the core mission to encourage others to consciously purchase recycled products, the Buy Recycled campaign hopes to drive an increase in the use of recycled material throughout the region by educating the community on the benefits of these materials as well as the importance of an effective and efficient recycling system. 

To access a great range of product made from recyclable materials, check out Clean Up Australia’s Buy Recycled program here.