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Compostable Cling Wrap: Meet the brains behind Great Wrap!

Cling wrap and potato waste, two things you may not know go hand in hand.

But thanks to the hard work and creativity of Mornington Peninsula-based couple, Julie and Jordy Kay, these two items lead to the creation of Great Wrap, Australia’s first compostable cling wrap.

With the potential to stop over 150,000 tonnes of petroleum-based plastics from ending up in landfill, Julie and Jordy were inspired by their desire to make a positive and environmentally conscious change, eliminating the need for families like theirs to use single-use plastics.

“It’s literally made from the waste making potato chips” Ms Kay told 9News.

Produced in a solar-powered factory, a secondary company removes the starch from the potato scraps before turning them into a biopolymer, creating Great Wrap.

Sold online for $7.50 a roll, Ms Kay says reduced technological costs has meant the company can compete with plastic producers for price as well as serve the same purposes as single-use plastics.

Once used, Great Wrap can be put into a home compost system, where it takes less than 180 days to break down into carbon and water.

To learn more, check out the Great Wrap website and change the way you wrap your food!