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Let’s Talk about the circular economy

Many of you may have heard the term ‘Circular Economy.’ But have you ever stopped and wondered what they’re referring to?

Recently, the Victorian Government launched the Recycling Victoria; A New Economy initiative, a circular economy policy and action plan that will fundamentally overhaul Victoria’s current recycling system.  This policy will transform how our economy uses materials and as well as how our state reuses, repairs and recycles.

A circular economy is an economic system that strives to minimise the amount of waste we produce as well as the environmental impact of day-to-day products and consumption, instead favouring the use of recyclable and sustainable materials.

The Buy Recycled campaign is committed to showing the wonderful residents of the Barwon South West how they too can contribute to the circular economy, creating a healthier and brighter future for us all.

Recently, several local municipalities within the great Barwon South West have also committed to the establishment of a circular economy, including friends of our campaign: 

But it’s not just up to our governments, it’s also up to us, to help make more sustainable choices and give our waste a second chance at life.

So, start thinking, how can I contribute to creating a circular economy and help make our region a healthier place?

You can start by asking yourself,  why buy single-use items when you can buy items made from recycled material, thereby reducing the amount of waste going into landfill?

A great way to do this is by checking out our interactive map, showcasing the wonderful local businesses within our region that stock and sell products made from sustainable and ethical materials. 

Happy hunting!