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Local Businesses We Love: Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill

Offering sustainably sourced fibre and recycled rainwater

The brainchild of husband-and-wife team Nick and Isabel, the Great Ocean Woollen Mill offers an attractive range of ethical and sustainably produced yarns and garments, from cozy knitwear to beanies, scarves and accessories.

Based in Timboon, Victoria, Nick and Isabel established the business in 2015, committed to making productive use of the fibres from their herd of alpacas, each of whom grow fleece each year. With certification from both Ethical Clothing Australia and Australian Made and Grown, all products are made onsite and sourced within a 100km radius, reducing the overall carbon footprint. With a passion for sustainable and local products, Nick and Isabel source all wool from Geelong, with both the farm and mill operating on solar power electricity.

We suggest the Alpaca Merino Ribbed Beanie, made from pure alpaca fibre, making it the perfect accessory for those cold winter mornings!

To check out their range of eco-friendly, locally sourced and made products, please click here

Local Businesses We Love: Juc Surf

Meet the Jan Juc based business that created the world’s first recycled carbon fibre surfboard!

Tired of watching 45,000 tonnes of carbon fibre being poured into landfill each year, business partners Fil, Jimmy and Andreas took on a mission; to create the world’s first recycled carbon fibre surfboard. 

With their combined expertise in aerospace engineering and chemistry, the business partners put their heads together and began producing surfboards made from chemically altered carbon fibre, reducing the risk of cracks and delamination.

Best of all? Being 100% recyclable, all Juc Surfboards can be recycled if they break! 

Determined to be part of the solution, Juc Surf stocks a range of carbon fibre surfboards as well as items of merchandise such as shirts and hats. 

With the boards designed by world-leading aerospace engineers, Juc surfboards are stronger, faster, lighter and a lot more carbon-neutral than your average fibre glass surfboard!

To find out more about this exciting business, please click here.

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